Core Courses for the Empire Studies Certificate

Two of the three following core gutes online casino must be completed to receive the online casino paypal startguthaben ohne einzahlung certificate at UH; these courses may be repeated when content changes significantly. For additional information on the certificate, see the Graduate Certificate page.

ENGL 7369: Introduction to Postcolonial Studies

A study of critical approaches to the literature, history, and theory of postcolonial studies, tracing the contributions of such theorists as Gramsci, Fanon, Cesaire, Memmi, Ngugi, Said, Spivak, Stuart Hall, Mary Louise Pratt, Ania Loomba, et al. This course presents students with basic foundations in the theory and literature of colonialism, focusing on colonial discourse and postcolonial theory and presenting literary texts focusing on postcolonial themes from both the metropolis and the former colonies. Topics may include Marxism’s early contributions to and revisions of theories of colonialism, the intellectual discourse of “Third World” liberation movements, earlier definitions of the field such as “Commonwealth literature,” the contributions of specific theories and methods (such as poststructuralism and the new historicism), and the formative contributions of the first generation of postcolonial thinkers.

Sample Syllabi:

Postcolonial Theory.Aboul-Ela.2010


ENGL 7325: The British Empire

This course exposes students to interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the British Empire, including discourses of empire in theoretical, historical, and literary texts. The course will touch upon a range of periods. It will usually be taught by faculty with a background in British Studies and will be expected to focus the empire studies lens more heavily on material from within the British Isles or empire as compared to ENGL 7369 and most versions of ENGL 8386.

Sample Syllabi:

British Empire.Voskuil.2013


ENGL 8386: Topics in Postcolonial Studies

Study of any topic within the field of postcolonial studies, including but not limited to surveys of postcolonial fiction, poetry, drama, film, or theory, colonial discourse analysis, globalization studies, third world intellectuals, and specific traditions within the postcolonial world. The course presents an opportunity for exploration of more advanced or particular topics, including ones driven by faculty research projects.

Sample Syllabi:

Empire and American Fiction.Aboul-Ela.2009

Hong Kong Cinema.Fang.2012

Surveillance and Orientalism.Fang.2012



Other Courses with Empire Studies Perspective or Methodology

Sample Syllabi:


Imperial Gothic.Voskuil.2011




Certification Form (to Record Courses Completed toward the Certificate)

Empire Studies Certification Form